CLIFF SHIP MANAGEMENT is a ship management Company based in UAE to meet the need for third-party ship management in the maritime industry. Our Company is owned and managed by a group of highly skilled professionals. We have given support in almost all types of Vessel – General Cargo, Containers, Offshore Vessels – Aht, Ahts, Self-propelled DPJack Up Barges, MRTankers, SuezmaxTankers, Aframax Tankers- Product, Chemical S. Crude Oil Carrier along with Bulk Carrier & VLCC.










Served in this Industry for the last 17 years and overall around 22 years. All our team members are very efficient, Trained, and well-mannered. We believe in sailing in the same boat with all our Customers, Clients, Seafarer, and any other party rather than being the winner of just one day in a game of horse racing. We have a very huge network of Contacts in this Industry.

S&P Broker

Our Sale & Purchase Team, specializes in the Advisory and Deal Execution for: Sales & Purchase of second-hand vessels of all major commercial shipping asset classes, Resale of Ship-building contracts, and Demolition Sales for all major sectors. The clientele base of the Ship Sale & Purchase Team consists of: Global & Diversified Shipping Companies that invest in the Dry Bulk, Crude – Product & Chemical Tankers, Container and Gas segments, Japanese & Chinese Trading Houses, Shipyards, Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds and overall any Financial institution that invests in the shipping industry by the acquisition of physical assets. Our brokers have the ability to cover all markets, from VLCC Tankers to Handy Bulk Carriers, depending on the request of our clientele. Due the volatile nature of the industry and due to the fact that the different segments within the industry follow different market cycles, the investment demand of our international clientele changes depending on where opportunities for value creation/asset appreciation could occur.




      Supplied a complete set of Crew for over 15 take-over vessels in the last 14 Months



      In-house ticketing, flag documentation, purchase, and training departments to provide cost-effective and        quick solutions.

Online solutions / Technical


We have introduced completely new online solutions for any type of Main Engine, generator, Auxiliaries etc. problem. our competent team will right behind you till your problem gets accomplished. Our technical superintendents have tremendous experience in the high and medium range of the engine. We can represent you as your technical superintendent in Docking and any kind of support Virtually and Physically.

Offshore 25 Vessels

Types of vessels handled


  • Container.

  • Tanker.

  • offshore.

  • cargo